ExpressionEngine 2.0 Preview

published on Mar 09th, 2008 // 9 Comments

ExpressionEngine 2.0 Preview

The EllisLab team previewed EE 2.0 to the masses at SXSW this weekend. I have compiled some details and links about the preview that I have been reading.

I say update because they promise it to be an update and not a transition.The control panel was the main event at the preview. It has been redesigned by Veerle and looks great if not slightly large and dominant. I guess I am used to the subtleness of previous incarnations, the most recent being from Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain.

The workflow looks great and it now utilises AJAX and the JavaScript library JQuery. ExpressionEngine 2.0 has been built on top of CodeIgniter, which is EllisLab’s open-source PHP framework.This means the 2 communities will combine and bring a much greater depth to development and knowledge of EE. It also means that if you don’t like how something works you have the ability to rewrite it to suit yourself.

It looks like the control panel is now a place a client will feel comfortable being in and working with their content. There looks like a great feature in the control panel to add a load of resources including RSS feeds and video tutorials.They are naming these ‘Accessories’ (codename Albatross). Something my clients are always asking for is some form of tuition. The platform to incorporate these videos is now a welcome feature. Client branding can now be including in the control panel. The Members admin now has its own section.

They are dropping the term ‘weblog’ for the new version. The formatting buttons will now be an option on all text fields.

You now have the ability to create custom fields within the content pages (previously Publish). There is a full screen content creation option which hides every other panel except the field you are writing in which is neat.

News on the commerce module is that, it is Paul’s personal project and although major work has been completed, time out was had to get EE 2.0 to where it is.




Kurt Deutscher, Chief Technology Evangelist of EllisLab was kind enough to post some videos of the preview.


If you notice in the screenshots the build number of EE 2.0 is 20080401. Is this a clue? Can we expect something that soon? Stay tuned.


SXSW podcast


Lot of official answers here as well as the screencast from the preview.



David says:

Thanks for compiling these links John. I have to say I’m extremely excited about the forthcoming release. It’ll be great to have a more intuitive interface for my clients. Id be interested to see how the file management and uploading has been improved as this is something my clients would appreciate.

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noregt says:

Hi John,

I don’t know if it’s known in Ireland, but in Holland the 1st of april is a day on which we fool everyone!

But I guess Derek is not into that…

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Editor says:

noregt, ya its April Fools day here also smile EllisLab have officially announced by way of their forum that this is not a release date.

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MediaGirl says:

I wasn’t able to attend SXSW to see the preview so thank you for putting this together! Can’t wait to get my hands on this new version.

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bjorn says:

I also love the choice EllisLab made here. EE on CI will bring more developers to EE and that can only be good grin

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Haiming says:

Great work!Thanks!I’ve checked them out!

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Kevin says:

When is this version suppose to come out?

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Editor says:

I believe the EllisLab official line is in the summer. Although the term “when it’s done” has been bandied about also.

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Jim says:

Perhaps it’s me, but are the videos are all supposed to be the same? Seems pointless…still kinda cool, but pointless.

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