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About 5pieces.com

5pieces started a couple of years ago as a design project. The idea was that you would be given 5 pieces of inspiration. These would range from a quote, to an image to a sound even. You then had a given time to come up with a final design. Entries were judged and then displayed on site. The idea proved quite popular back then. But work got the better of my time so I had to leave the site by the wayside for a while. Older screen-shots of 5pieces can be seen here (296kb).

John Henry Donovan

I live in Cork, Ireland. I am a graduate of industrial design from Sligo RTC and self taught in graphic and web design. I am currently employed. I love to cook and I am fascinated by food. I spent a year in Australia. I held down many bar jobs. I suck at pool. My nickname is Vinny. I have bungee jumped. I can sail. I used to smoke. I paint pictures and used to work as a picture framer. I love vodka. My first computer was a Sinclair Spectrum 48k. I can barely speak Irish. I believe I can speak French. I drive and love a ‘96 Mini Equinox. I live with my continuously upbeat wife Orla and 2 beautiful daughters Alexandra and Katie. I work for a local marketing agency but also hold the position of a Techical Support Specialist for EllisLab who created the wonderful ExpressionEngine.


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